Two Huyton Drug Dealers Who Once Made UK's Most Wanted List Ordered To Pay Back £1 Each

Two drug dealing brothers from Huyton who were once put on the UK's "most wanted" list, have been handed a court order to pay back just £1 each after a lengthy financial investigation failed to find any assets.

Michael Moogan and Peter Moogan to pay back £1 each
Michael Moogan and Peter Moogan to pay back £1 each

34-year-old Michael Moogan, and 40-year-old Peter Moogan, attempted to use the EncroChat encrypted mobile phone system in a bid to cover their heavy involvement in a major cannabis and cocaine distribution network.

The two brothers were busted by French and Dutch police who had infiltrated the supposedly secure messaging platform.

British police secured messages from the pair that showed detailed discussions on the buying and selling of cocaine in kilogram quantities between February and June 2020.

The brothers, who believed they were untouchable by police also shared photographs of their homes, postcodes, vehicles, and children through the chat system that had been infiltrated by authorities.

At Liverpool Crown Court, in January, both brothers pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine and cannabis and were sentenced to 11 years and three months behind bars, each.

The court was told how both men had extensive criminal convictions, including for firearm offences, and had previously appeared on the BBC TV program Crimewatch while on the "most wanted" list.

Authorities tracked them down in Spain before extraditing them back to the UK. Police raided a gun trafficking organisation based in Haydock and both men's fingerprints were found on seized weapons.

Judge Andrew McLoughlin said: "You were well and truly involved in serious criminal offending behaviour.

"In my judgment, in this case, both of you were clearly playing a leading role in this conspiracy."

A proceeds of crime investigation was launched after estimating that the drug trafficking had netted the brothers around £350,000. However, after ten months of investigations and various hearings, authorities found no significant assets being traced back to either brother and ordered them to pay £1 each.

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