The Disturbing Story Of Tyler Hadley: The Teenager Who Murdered His Parents To Throw A House Party

On July 16, 2011, 17-year-old Tyler Hadley held a house party where more than 60 people attended - his guests were unaware that the dead bodies of his parents were hidden behind a bedroom door.

Tyler Hadley murder story
Tyler Hadley brutally murdered both of his parents on July 16, 2011

On July 16, 2011, at 1:15 p.m., 17-year-old Tyler Hadley posted a status on Facebook saying: "party at my crib tonight...maybe."

There was one obstacle standing in the way of the party, and that was Tyler Hadley's parents, they were home that evening, and having recently grounded their son for his drug and alcohol abuse there was no way they were going to allow Hadley to throw a house party.

Some of his friends who knew this were incredulous, when one of them asked if it was really happening, Hadley replied, "dk man I'm workin on it."

By 8:15 p.m., the party was on. Tyler Hadley posted again on Facebook to confirm: "party at my house hmu." One of his friends asked, "what if your parents come home?" Hadley answered, "they won't. trust me."

Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley
Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley

His confident response was due to the fact he had just killed both Blake Hadley and Mary-Jo Hadley. Their bodies were barely cold by the time Hadley posted on Facebook inviting his friends to come and party at the murder scene.

The Brutal Murder of Blake And Mary-Jo Hadley

Tyler Hadley's behaviour had been a growing concern for his parents for several years, initially, they had taken him to a psychiatrist but eventually, they turned to a substance abuse program for help, yet nothing appeared to be working - when Tyler drove home drunk one night, his mother, Mary-Jo stopped him from using his car and took away his phone as punishment.

Tyler was fuming with his mother's actions and even exclaimed to his best friend Michael Mandell that he wanted to kill her. Mandell didn't think much of his friend's statement, brushing it off as something a teenager would say out of anger but without intent. He never thought he would actually go through with it.

However, on July 16, 2011, Tyler Hadley decided it was time that he actually followed through with his threats. First, to ensure that neither of his parents could call for help, he took their phones. At around 5 p.m. he took some ecstasy tablets, Hadley was concerned that if he was sober he wouldn't be able to follow through with his murderous plan.

Hadley took a hammer that he found in the garage. His mother Mary-Jo Hadley was sitting at the computer, unbeknownst to her, Tyler was stood watching her for five minutes before swinging the hammer into her head.

The parents bedroom when the police arrived
The parents bedroom when the police arrived

His mother turned and screamed, "Why?". In total Mary-Jo Hadley was struck at least 36 times with the claw hammer before she died.

Blake Hadley, hearing the screams of his wife ran into the room. He also shouted, "Why?" at his son, who responded with, "Why the fuck not?", before beating his father to death with the same hammer. The injuries to Blake Hadley showed he had been struck at least 39 times with the weapon.

Once satisfied that both his parents were dead, Tyler Hadley then dragged their bodies into their bedroom. He attempted to clean up the crime scene and left the murder weapon wedged between the two corpses before inviting his friends over for a party.

Tyler Hadley's "Killer Party"

After he had cleaned up the crime scene, Tyler Hadley put out the call to come and party. By midnight, more than 60 people had arrived at the house, none of them knew that they were partying whilst the bodies of Blake and Mary-Jo were in the next room.

Teenagers were running around drunk, rubbing cigarettes into the walls, urinating on the neighbours lawn, and playing beer pong in the kitchen.

Michael Mandell pictured with Tyler Hadley after learning of the murders
Michael Mandell pictured with Tyler Hadley after learning of the murders

Initially, Tyler had told some friends that his parents were away in Orlando, later changing his story, stating to one partygoer, "They don't live here, this is my house."

Later in the night, Hadley took his best friend to one side, Michael Mandell, and said, "Mike, I killed my parents," Mandell responded in disbelief, "No you didn't, Tyler. Shut up. What are you talking about?"

Tyler Hadley Murder Weapon
The bloodstained bedroom floor and the murder weapon

Mandell recalled how Tyler had insisted that his parents were dead. "Look at the driveway, all the cars are there. My parents aren't in Orlando. I killed my parents" he told him.

Mandell still didn't believe him, that is until Hadley took him to his parent's bedroom where he had left the bodies.

"The party's going on over here, and I turn the doorknob," Mandell recalled. "I looked down and I saw his father's leg against the door." It quickly dawned on Mandell that his friend was telling the truth.

Still in shock, Mandell took a selfie with Tyler Hadley before leaving the party, when he left he called Crimestoppers and reported the double murder.

Tyler Hadley's Arrest And Conviction

At 4:24 a.m. on July 17, 2011, Crimestoppers received an anonymous tip from Michael Mandell stating that Tyler Hadley had killed both his parents using a hammer.

Police rushed to the Hadley house. Upon arrival, the party was still going strong. Initially, Tyler Hadley told authorities that his parents were out of town and refused to let them into the house, despite Hadley's protest the police made an emergency entrance.

The police later said, "Tyler appeared nervous, frantic, and very talkative while speaking to the officers."

Tyler Hadley Autopsy
Details of the injuries sustained that were shown on the autopsy reports

The house was a wreck, police found beer bottles scattered all over, furniture turned upside down, and dried blood on the walls.

When police entered the bedroom, they discovered a coffee table and dining chairs on top of the bed. Hidden under the furniture, they found the body of Blake Hadley, and nearby they found Mary-Jo's body.

Hadley had a stash of Percocet pills that he had hidden in his bedroom, he had intended on taking his own life but the police turned up before he had the chance.

Prior to the police arriving, Tyler Hadley was still enjoying himself, at 4:40 a.m. he had even posted again on his Facebook wall. "party at my house again hmu."

Tyler Hadley was arrested for murder.

In 2014 he was sentenced to life in imprisonment without the possibility of parole, being 17 at the time, the death sentence was not an option.

Tyler Hadley's Facebook posts
Tyler Hadley's Facebook posts

Judge Robert Makemson said at the sentencing, "These attacks on the defendant’s parents were very painful, both physically and emotionally, and I say emotionally because they realized that their own son was killing them." In April 2016, his sentencing was overturned by an appeal judge who stated the lower court "did not consider the correct alternative to a life sentence"

In December 2018, Hadley was resentenced to life in prison, but this time with the possibility of parole.

Tyler Hadley wasn't the only teenager to be involved in the killing of their own parents, learn about Erin Caffey, the 16-year-old who convinced her boyfriend to murder her parents.


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