UK's Area 51: Secret UFO investigations, underground tunnels and huge security presence

In the countryside of Wiltshire it is believed that the UK government is keeping a hidden secret regarding UFO and alien investigations.

UK area 51
Rudloe Manor is said to be the UK's version of area 51

In the county of Wiltshire, England, is a former RAF base by the name of Rudloe Manor, at first glance this building looks like any other quaint English manor house, but hiding beneath is a vast network of underground chambers and tunnels in which the UK government has a close guarded secret.

For many years the RAF's secret service operated out of Rudloe Manor carrying out counterintelligence and espionage operations, but much more interestingly, UFO investigations.

This claim was denied for years by the MOD, authorities constantly denied the fact that anyone working out of Rudloe Manor was in anyway connected to any form of UFO investigations. However, in 2007, a collection of declassified files were released by the National Archives which confirmed the fact that Rudloe Manor was in fact the centre for UFO investigations in the UK in the 1950s.

Rudloe Manor was home to the Flying Complaints Flight, this was a unit of the RAF police that gathered reports of UFO sightings from RAF bases and reported them back to the MOD HQ.

The extremely secretive site came under heavy scrutiny when it was published that there was a vast network of underground tunnels running beneath the facility.

Underground tunnels at Rudloe Manor
A huge underground tunnel system beneath Rudloe Manor only strengthens the cover-up arguement

For years prior to this information being released, Ufologists had suspected that UFO investigations were being carried out in these underground tunnels, many even believing that the tunnels were being used to hide alien technology, the MOD argued that these tunnels were simply nuclear bomb shelters for government officials to be used during times of war.

Nick Pope, who ran the MOD's UFO project in the 1990s, investigating reports of crop circles, UFOs and even reported alien abductions. Pope made public his belief that the government was not being completely honest about the UFO investigations that had been carried out at Rudloe Manor and decided to make an attempt to find out more himself, whilst filming a documentary with film maker Giorgio Tsoukalos, Pope had a first hand experience of the heavy security that is still surrounding Rudloe Manor to this day.

Nick Pope went to Rudloe Manor with Giorgio Tsoukalos to do some investigative work as part of the documentary they were filming. They were quickly removed from the area by authorities. He said "As a former MoD employee I didn’t feel it was appropriate for me to approach the site, so Giorgio went alone.

"Within moments, military police turned up and halted filming, further fuelling the conspiracy theories."

Although not as heavily publicised as Area 51, many Ufologists believe that Rudloe Manor hides a dark history with its untold knowledge of UFOs and aliens. Is Rudloe Manor the UK's answer to area 51, or is it simply an over exaggerated fantasist story? We don't know, however, there is no denying the fact that UFOs have been investigated by the MOD here, and until the documents were released this fact was also heavily denied by the authorities. If you have any comments or experiences regarding Rudloe Manor let us know in the comments and don't forget to follow us on Facebook for further stories like this one.


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