UK Government 2009 Released Ministry of Defence UFO Report

This 39 page document recently released by the UK government shows the UFO report that was compiled for the Ministry of Defence for reported sightings throughout 2009.

UK Government UFO report
2009 UFO report by the UK government covers sightings sent to the Ministry of Defence

This is the latest released UFO sightings document that was compiled by the UK government for the Ministry of Defence. The 39 page PDF document is available to view below:

Download PDF • 197KB

Some of the claimed UFO sightings in the report are certainly interesting, some of them also have very little information, this is not necessarily a full list of all reported UFO sightings during this period, but it is the ones that the authorities believed noteworthy enough to record.

This is a genuine document released by the UK government and can be checked on their official website.

Now you have read the 2009 UFO reports, make sure you check out the Broad Haven UFO from Wales.


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