Ukrainian Delegation Member Denys Kyreyev Shot Dead By Security Service Of Ukraine For Treason

It has been reported that the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) has shot and killed a member of the Ukrainian delegation team.

Both Ukrainian and Russian sources have confirmed that Denys Kyreyev was shot dead whilst trying to escape being apprehended at the first round of talks between Ukraine and Russia when he was accused of treason.

According to reports the SBU had verified data that Kyreyev had been giving information to the Russians, including recorded telephone conversations.

One source said, "He was an agent. You know what agents are killed for."

Denys Kyreyev was part of the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in Gomen on February 28.

Denys Kyreyev killed
Denys Kyreyev pictures at the first negotiations between Russia and Ukraine

Ukrainian parliamentarian Oleksiy Honcharenko said, "During an attempt to detain Denys Kyreyev, a member of the Ukrainian negotiating delegation, the Ukrainian Security Service shot and killed him. He was suspected of high treason"

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