Ukrainian Woman Claims Drunk Russian Soldiers Ordered Her To "Find Other Women" To Rape

Russian soldiers are accused of more sex crimes in Ukraine as a Ukrainian woman has claimed that she was forced to find more women for the Russians "to rape".

Russian soldiers accused of raping Ukrainian women near Borodyanka
Russian soldiers accused of raping Ukrainian women near Borodyanka

Russian soldiers have been accused of carrying out a horrific house-to-house search in a small town near Borodyanka looking for more Ukrainian women "to rape".

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has claimed that hundreds of women have been raped by Russian soldiers since the invasion began 62 days ago.

A woman called Anna has spoken to a journalist based in Kyiv and has told her story.

Anna said that after Russian troops had already looted her home, taking her mobile phone and laptop, they held her husband at gunpoint while she was led away.

She recalled how the Russian soldiers said to her "come with us and find other women."

Anna claimed that she was led door to door by Russian soldiers who smelt strongly of alcohol and was forced to enquire as to who was inside each home. She described the Russian soldiers as "very young".

When she knocked on one door, a Ukrainian man attempted to stop the Russian soldiers from entering the house. Anna said that one Russian soldier said "Get back, we will take your woman", at which point the man was shot dead by the troops.

Anna detailed how the women were taken to an abandoned house where they were then raped by the soldiers.

Anna claimed that she made an attempt to appeal to the soldier before the event, asking his age, and how old his mother might be.

When giving details to The Telegraph, she said that the soldier was the same age as her own son.

She said that the soldiers threatened the women that if they did not cooperate they would be taken to the Russian base where they would "serve all soldiers".

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe said the war has seen a rise in "gender-based violence, such as rape, sexual violence or sexual harassment".

Ukraine's deputy interior minister, Kateryna Pavlichenko, said that this story was likely to be just the "tip of the iceberg".

She said: "For Russians, it is a routine tactic. "We saw them use similar tactics in Chechnya and Syria.

"Russians rape to destabilise civilians."

Kateryna Pavlichenko added: "Rape is the hardest crime to talk about. People want to forget it so the scale could be much bigger than we will ever know."

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