Ukrainian Woman Was "Tortured, Raped & Shot In The Head" By Russian Soldiers In Bucha

23-year-old Karina Yershova's body was discovered mutilated in the town of Bucha, near Kyiv. The young Ukrainian woman was allegedly tortured, raped, and shot in the head by the invading Russian forces in what is the latest example of brutality against civilians during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Karina Yershova, 23, was allegedly raped and tortured before being shot dead in Bucha, Ukraine
Karina Yershova, 23, was allegedly raped and tortured before being shot dead in Bucha, Ukraine

A 23-year-old Ukrainian woman who was allegedly shot in the head, tortured, and raped by soldiers from the Russian military was discovered with "wounds" and "tears" on her body in Bucha. The horrific incident was revealed by her heartbroken Russian-speaking parents.

The body of Karina Yershova was found mutilated, showing signs of torture with all of her fingernails apart from one, being removed.

Her stepfather, Andrii Derenko, 41, told The Telegraph, "it was like she had been trying to fight".

Karina was allegedly raped, tortured, and then shot in the back of the head before being dumped in a backyard in the town of Bucha by Russian soldiers.

Andrii said, "She was shot at point-blank range. Almost half of her head was missing."

The young woman's distraught family held a funeral ceremony for Karina in the city of Bila Tserkva.

Karina Yershova raped in Ukraine
Karina Yershova was just 23-years-old when she was allegedly raped and murdered by Russian soldiers

Her mother, Olena Derenko had to be held back by her husband as she tried to open the closed casket, he was protecting her from witnessing her daughter's mutilated body.

The family was informed by local police that Karina had been murdered and tortured, but they withheld some of the details due to them being "so horrific".

Andrii said to reporters, "We think it is possible that she was raped, we have not seen the lower part of her body, just the upper part, but what we have seen at the top, we can only imagine what can be on the rest of her body."

When Karina's body was discovered, it was covered with "wounds" and "tears", her hands were so badly burned that the bones were visible. The silver rings that she always wore were still visible.

The young woman had also made a tourniquet around her leg in an effort to stop the bleeding from another gunshot wound.

Her mother Olena had been left devastated by the horrific death of her daughter, who she said, "loved life". Olena said, "How can I feel when someone took my own child, I have cried everything I had. I have no rears now."

In 2014 the family had fled from the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine when Russian-backed separatists started fighting Ukrainian forces there. The family, who speak Russian, said that they now "hate" Russia after their lives were torn about by Vladimir Putin's regime twice.

"The Russian soldiers are not humans. They are animals."

Olesya Vasylets, a friend of Olena, posted on Facebook that Russan "racists" murdered Karina.

She posted: "Friends, terrible news. Racists killed my friend's daughter Karina Yershova."

"The pain is terrible. She was mocked, raped, and then shot in the trash. Today my mother found out that she was killed and created a help group. Please help me bury her, I knew this kid for years, taught her English, she was a very bright and talented girl."

Karina vanished early last month, and on March 10 her mother made an appeal on social media for information to "help me find my daughter" who was last seen on "energy workers street" in Bucha. "I really hope for help, thank you," she said.

This horrific incident is thought to be one of the latest examples of the shocking brutality that is being inflicted on helpless civilians during the Russian invasion of Ukraine as the conflict enters its seventh week.

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