Unnamed Man, 22, Slaughters 5 Family Members In Hostage Situation In Douvres, France

A 22-year-old man took his father, stepmother, and three younger siblings hostage before brutally executing them all. Armed police stormed the property he had barricaded them all in and shot him dead.

Douvres Shooting
French police stand guard at the road block leading to the house were the killings took place

A man has been shot dead by armed police in France after he took several members of his family hostage and brutally executed five of them.

The horrific event started to unfold last night when the 22-year-old man barricaded himself in a house with his father, stepmother, and his three younger siblings in the small French town of Douvres, approximately 30 miles from Lyon.

Local media reported how police negotiators had arrived at the scene overnight and set up a perimeter around the town, before they "attempted in vain to remain in contact with the suspect throughout the night".

Earlier today, the man, armed with a large katana and a firearm, started to execute members of his family.

Armed officers stormed the property and shot the 22-year-old dead, but tragically he had already killed all of the five hostages, including three children. The father of the unnamed gunman was the head of a building company in the Ain region, of which Douvres is a part, according to French outlet Le Progress.

The other murdered victims were his mother-in-law, originally from Gironde, his 17-year-old sister, his 15-year-old half-brother, and his 5-year-old half-sister.

Authorities told local shops and businesses to remain closed while they attempted to negotiate with the 22-year-old.

French police have not officially released a statement yet and as of 4pm the scene was still under heavily armed guard.

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