US Pensioner, 78, Has Foot Amputated After Brutal Pit Bull Attack

A 78-year-old woman and her 82-year-old husband were viciously attacked by a Pitbull in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. A police officer was also injured in the frenzied attack.

Annie Joyner, 78, had to have her foot amputated after the vicious pit bull attack
Annie Joyner, 78, had to have her foot amputated after the vicious pit bull attack

78-year-old Annie Joyner has to have her foot amputated after the violent attack that also left her 82-year-old husband Bobby Joyner hospitalised.

The couple were attacked by the vicious dog while they were out walking near their home in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Police officers who attended the scene found the couple being attacked by a pit bull, one officer received a bite to the leg while attempting to get the crazed dog under control.

The officer discharged her firearm twice, hitting the dog.

Police said that the animal was freely running and the property owner had no control over it - a violation of the city's ordinance - and the property owner will receive a citation.

Authorities confirmed that the dog was later euthanized.

The family of the couple said that Annie Joyner had one foot amputated and her other foot will require skin grafts.

Bobby Joyner, 82, required surgery on his arm and both hands.

The couple's daughter, Melissa Joyner, said: "I'm kind of still in shock a little bit. I know my sister is too, but we're just going to be here with my parents as long as they need us.

"When it was time for my mom to go to surgery, the nurse who was helping my dad asked him if he wanted to go see his sweetheart, and he said 'Yeah, I do.'"

Ms Joyner called on dog owners to be more responsible with their pets. She said: "I have dogs too, and we love dogs. So, in our eyes, it's really not the dog's fault. The owner needed to be more responsible."

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