VIDEO: Nine Men Arrested In China After Horrific Attack On A Group Of Women In A Restaurant

Nine men have been arrested in China after a horrific video circulated on social media showing a group of men brutally attacking a group of women at a restaurant in Tangshan, China. *Warning Graphic Video*

The women were brutally attacked while eating out at a restaurant in Tangshan, China
The women were brutally attacked while eating out at a restaurant in Tangshan, China

CCTV footage from inside a restaurant in Tangshan, in northern Hebei province, showed one of the male suspects approaching a table where a group of four women were seated and putting his hand on the back of one of the women.

The woman appeared to reject the man's advances several times before he slapped her, when the woman attempted to fight back, a mass brawl ensued.

A group of men then entered the restaurant and violently attacked the woman and her friends, throwing them to the floor, kicking them, and even throwing a chair at them.

CCTV footage from outside the restaurant showed the men dragging the woman who had initially rejected the man's advances out before continuing to beat and stamp on her.

One of the women who attempted to intervene outside was also punched to the floor.



A photograph of the most seriously injured victim lying on a stretcher in the hospital showed the extent of the injuries she had received.

Chinese authorities released a statement saying that all nine suspects had been arrested on Saturday.

Two of the women are still in hospital receiving treatment for non-life-threatening injuries, authorities have reported their condition as stable. Two other women received less severe injuries.

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