VIDEO: Police Release Bodycam Footage From Fatal Shooting Of Man Throwing Molotov Cocktails

Recently released bodycam footage has revealed the full extent of the chaotic scenes last month when officers shot dead a man who was throwing bodily fluids and Molotov cocktails at police vehicles in North Carolina.

Reuel Rodriguez Nunez was fatally shot by police in North Carolina
Reuel Rodriguez Nunez was fatally shot by police in North Carolina

37-year-old Reuel Rodriquez Nunez is seen on video throwing cups full of flammable liquid at two empty vehicles, setting them both on fire in the southeastern district parking lot of the Raleigh Police Department (RPD) on May 7.

According to police, Nunez then threw another cup filled with bodily fluids.

In the bodycam footage released by the RPD an officer is heard calling for backup, and the fire department as the cars become engulfed in smoke and flames.

An officer said over the radio: I've got a subject throwing stuff at me, he set a car on fire. All traffic be careful, he's throwing gasoline."


Four police officers at the scene attempted to talk to Nunez while approaching him.

One officer asks: "What's going on man?

Nunez can be heard responding: "Today is my day, to move on."

He can be seen filling a cup with what appears to be flammable liquid, igniting it, and throwing it toward the officers.

While one officer attempts to talk to Nunez, another can be heard shouting: "Don't do it mother f*****. I'm done with you."

The footage then shows the officers surrounding the man, while one shouts: Go ahead, go ahead mother f*****, do it, do it, go ahead."

The officers told Nunez repeatedly to remove his hands from his pockets and put down the Molotov cocktail. According to a police report, officers then shot at him, firing a total of 30 rounds.

After being shot, Nunez was handcuffed while the officers provided medical treatment. He was sent to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead from his gunshot wounds.

All four officers involved in the incident were placed on administrative duty while an investigation into the death of Nunez takes place.

The investigation into the shooting is being carried out by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation which will submit its findings for review to the Wake County District Attorney.

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