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Till Death Do Us Pillow? Top Ten Weirdest Objects People Have Married

Till Death Do Us Pillow? Top Ten Weirdest Objects People Have Married.

How far is too far when it comes to marriage. In terms of the law, there are no specific laws

on marrying inanimate objects because it is not physically possible to do so. Yet that doesn't seem to put some of these people off having their perfect wedding day.

10/ Man from Sudan Marries Goat

Man marries a goat

Coming in at number ten, a man from Sudan married a goat. In this slightly revolting story,

there is a law in Sudan witch states that if a man is to be caught sleeping with a woman, then

in honour of her family, they must be married. So you can see where this is going. In 2006

When Charles Tombe was caught sexually assaulting the animal they were made to be


9/ Davecat Marries Sex Doll

Man marries sex doll

Next in at number nine is a man called Davecat. This man simply could not find what he was

looking for in a real-life partner "quiet"... So he took things to the next level by marrying his sex doll. He said "She provides me with a lot of things that I cant get out of an organic partner. Like... Quiet"

8/ Man And Terminally Ill Cat

Man marries his cat

Coming in at number eight we have a man who married his terminally ill cat. When this man

took his pet cat to the vet and was told that it was terminally ill he knew he only had one

chance to live out his lifelong dream and married his cat. No german officials agreed to

perform the wedding so the job was left to an actor to officiate the ceremony.

7/ Woman Marries Dolphin

Woman marries dolphin

Normally people go on holiday and go swimming with dolphins, however, this woman took it

one step further claiming it was love at first sight. 15 years down the line and they took part

in a marriage ceremony which took place in Isreal. With the gift of a herring and a kiss. 

6/ Amy And Fairground Ride 1001 Nacht

Woman marries fairground ride

In sixth place, we take things to the next level with a woman called Amy Wolfe. Amy was

diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and lives in new york. She has been in various previous relationships with buildings and objects including a church organ and The Twin Towers. However, Amy apparently found true love in one object that was found in an amusement park in Pennsylvania, which was a fairground ride called 1001 Nacht.

5/ Lee Jin And Pillow

Man marries his pillow

Everyone loves their bed but not quite as much as a man called Lee Jin from Korea. He chose to marry his pillow however it was no ordinary pillow it was a large huggable pillow from japan with the image of a girl called "Dakimakura" on the front. He also dressed the pillow in a full wedding dress to live out his perfect fairytale wedding.

4/ Eija-Riitta Married The Berlin Wall

Woman marries the Berlin Wall

From small household pillows all the way to full-sized landmarks. A woman called Eija-

Riitta Fell in love with the Berlin wall when she saw it on the TV at the age of seven. She

was diagnosed with a condition called Objectum-Sexuality. She had been on several trips to

go see "him" and had been collecting "his" pictures on her travels until one trip to see "him"

where she finally tied the knot and married the wall. Her full name was then changed to Eija-

Riitta Berliner-Mauer with her surname meaning Berlin wall in German.

3/ Sal9000 Marries A Woman From A Nintendo Game

Man marries Nintendo game character

Nearing the top in at number three we have a Japanese man known as Sal9000 Who married a Character from a Nintendo DS game. The character he married was called Nene Anegasaki From the DS game "Love Plus". Which ironically is a Nintendo dating game. He held the ceremony in Guam where it is legal to marry not only inanimate objects but also imaginary objects.

2/ Woman Marries Eiffel Tower

Woman marries Eiffel Tower

Erika La Tour has been in love with objects before but out of those objects chose to marry the Eiffel Tower. Some of the previous objects that she has been in relationships with include a piece of fence that she claims to have a physical relationship with and keeps in her

bedroom. Another was her first love which was a bow that helped her to become a world-class archer. But when she fell in love with the Eiffel Tower she claimed that the bond was

that strong that she married it and even changed her name to reflect her bond with the tower.

1/ Liu Ye Of China Married Himself 

Man marries himself

Liu Ye was a man from China who in 2007 at the age of 39 chose that rather than stay

single he would instead marry himself. So in order to marry himself, he took a cardboard cutout of himself and dressed it in a red dress to make the ceremony more official.


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