Western Officials & Media Focusing On Russian Failures And Not Reporting On Huge Ukrainian Losses

However much you might be willing Ukraine on to win this war with Russia, it is impossible to deny that Ukraine's huge casualty rate cannot continue forever. It has been reported that Ukraine is losing 100-200 troops every single day.

Ukraine is losing troops at a dramatic and unsustainable rate
Ukraine is losing troops at a dramatic and unsustainable rate

The current figures of Ukrainian losses are stark, however you count them. Ukraine is currently running at a rate of somewhere between 600 to 1,000 casualties a day, this includes those killed and injured.

One presidential adviser, Oleksiy Arestovych, told the Guardian this week it was 150 dead and 800 wounded on average each day. Another, Mykhaylo Podolyak, said to the BBC that 100 to 200 Ukrainian soldiers were being killed each day.

These figures represent an extraordinary loss of human life and are quickly diminishing the capacity of the defenders. This week's fierce, yet losing battle for Ukraine over the eastern city of Severodonetsk has been a blood bath.

The astronomical number of casualties - more than 20,000 a month - raises questions about what state the Ukrainian army will be in if the war drags on into the autumn. This is also true for Russia, however, Russia has a much larger military force to call upon if required. The invaders also now control large parts of Ukraine, and could halt the fighting to recover and regroup at any moment.

If you assess the figures in context. The Ukrainian army was made up of 125,000 troops according to the International Institute for Strategic Studies, on top of that they also had 102,000 national border guards. Since the start of the Russian invasion, it has been estimated that Ukraine's military number could have doubled to an impressive 500,000.

Mykhaylo Podolyak told the BBC that 100 - 200 Ukrainian soldiers were being killed everyday
Mykhaylo Podolyak told the BBC that 100 - 200 Ukrainian soldiers were being killed everyday

The Ukrainian military is far from the point of collapse, but if it continues to lose forces at this rate, it will be impossible for it not to weaken its fighting strength significantly.

Since the invasion began, Russia has struggled with the morale of troops, however, recently there have been more and more reports of desertions from the Ukrainian side too.

Volunteers who have combat experience and who pass the tests to become members of the international legion are finding themselves on the frontline within less than a month after crossing over the Ukrainian border.

Since the drastic loss of life within the Ukrainian military has been revealed, the wave of combat-experienced volunteers signing up has slowed down.

Most officials, as well as the media in the US, and Europe, have refused to report on these unsustainable losses, choosing instead to highlight the problems that the Russian forces have had.

It has been reported that Russia has lost in excess of 30,000 combat troops in the invasion, however, Moscow's offensive capabilities do not seem to have been diminished.

With the media choosing not to provide these estimates for Ukraine, it has created a somewhat one-sided impression, which is, that Russia is suffering far more than Ukraine.

Russia's artillery capabilities outmatch Ukraine by 10 or 15 to one, according to Ukraine, it is very probable that the casualty rate for Russia is actually far less than Ukraine's at the moment, due to their ability to kill from a distance.

Ammunition, or lack of it, is certainly becoming a problem for Ukraine. Vadym Skibitsky, the deputy head of Ukraine's military intelligence said that Ukraine was using 5,000 to 6,000 artillery rounds a day, and had "almost used up" its stockpile of Soviet 152mm standard shells.

Ukraine is now relying on NATO-issued standard 155mm howitzers, how many they currently have is unclear.

Ukraine is not running low on determination or bravery, and western support is still being shown, however, the dramatic reality of the casualties and lack of equipment is certainly starting to take its toll.

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