Wife chops off Husband's penis TWICE before it gets eaten by a dog

A woman in China cut off her partner's penis twice after discovering about his infidelity via a sexually explicit text message to another woman sent using her phone.

Wife cuts of cheating husbands penis twice
Jealous wife Feng Lung sliced off her cheating husband’s manhood - TWICE.

A 21-year-old jealous wife from China has sliced off her husband's manhood, not once but TWICE. Feng Lung became enraged after discovering a sexually suggestive text message her husband, Fan Lung sent to his mistress using his wife's phone.

In a fit of rage, Feng grabbed some kitchen scissors, stormed into their marital bedroom and whilst her husband lay asleep she quickly cut off his manhood.

Paramedics rushed Mr Lung to the local hospital for treatment where they miraculously managed to save his penis and sew it back on.

Still clearly angry about the realisation that her husband had been playing away, Feng managed to sneak into the hospital where Mr Lung was recovering from surgery and cut off his penis AGAIN, Feng then threw his manhood out of the hospital window and ran. Mr Lung who was in a complete state of shock, despite losing copious amounts of blood chased his scissor wielding wife outside.

Staff from the hospital ran out into the street following the commotion to find Mrs Lung on the floor with a naked and blood-soaked Mr Lung hailing down blows on her.

Hospital staff managed to separate the pair, after realising what had actually happened a search began for Mr Lungs missing manhood, unfortunately, the penis was never found and according to witnesses it appears that the elusive penis was eaten by a passing stray dog.

Lung’s mistress — Zhang Hung, 21 — said she would stick by him, even though they could not have children.

“It doesn’t matter that he’s lost his fertility,” she said. “He has five children already.”


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