World's Deepest Shipwreck Has Been Discovered Near The Philippines Almost 7,000m Below Sea Level

The shipwreck of a US Navy destroyer escort that sank in the Second World War has been discovered in the ocean near the Philippines in what is thought to be the deepest shipwreck ever found.

Sammy B Wreck
The Sammy B sank in 1944 during The Second World War

The USS Samuel B Roberts sank during the Battle of Samar in the oceans near the Philippines in October 1944. The wreckage lies at a depth of 6,895m

The ship, more commonly known as the "Sammy B" was discovered by explorer Victor Vescovo.

The famous ship is known for its heroic final stand against the Japanese during the Second World War. Outgunned and outnumbered, it managed to contain and cause problems for several enemy ships before eventually going down.

The USS Samuel B Roberts was discovered by explorer Victor Vescovo
The USS Samuel B Roberts was discovered by explorer Victor Vescovo

When the ship sank, it had a 224-man crew, 89 were killed, and the survivors hung onto life rafts for 50 hours before rescue arrived.

Mr Vescovo said that it was an extraordinary honour to discover the long-lost ship, he added that it gave the opportunity to retell its amazing story of heroism.

He told the BBC: "We like to say that steel doesn't lie and that the wrecks of these vessels are the last witnesses to the battles that they fought. "The Sammy B engaged the Japanese heavy cruisers at point-blank range and fired so rapidly it exhausted its ammunition; it was down to shooting smoke shells and illumination rounds just to try to set fires on the Japanese ships, and it kept firing. It was just an extraordinary act of heroism. Those men - on both sides - were fighting to the death."

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